Customer case

Information system architecture study

Thu 04 Jul 2019


This African telecom operator has been conducting a continuous transformation program for its information system (IS) in order to simplify it, to maximize its value for the business, and to make it more flexible and reactive to support business evolutions. It asked Sofrecom's IS consultants to make an interim assessment of the project to ensure the direction taken was aligned with the target.


Our experts started by auditing the current IS. They identified the business units’ issues and expectations. They also updated the application mapping, analyzed the gap Vs TAM, and identified outdated apps and redundant ones. Then they outlined possible evolution scenarios and updated the target IS. They made recommendations for a convergent billing solution, for the pooling of applications with the same functional perimeter and to improve the IS interoperability. Finally, they defined toolkits (catalogue, order, client)


Our customer now has an udpdated IT transformation roadmap, with priorities realigned to the business needs. The pooling of redundant applications has led to an operational performance improvement and OPEX optimization. Our client's IS is now adapted to its customer experience goals: the actions plan deployed by Sofrecom has transformed its IS from "billing-centric" to "customer-centric".