Customer case

Improvement of roaming charges study

Mon 15 Nov 2021

Within the framework of roaming1 agreements between operators, “settlement” campaigns allow to calculate charges related to the different types of traffic (voice, SMS and data) carried over the past period. The different parties involved then compare their results and agree on the financial amounts to be exchanged.

In this respect, our customer, a telecom operator, has entrusted our experts with the following missions:

  • Ensure the implementation of a new Business Intelligence (BI) tool to monitor roaming traffic and transactions.
  • Finalize the whole settlement campaign of last year involving approximately 150 roaming partners.
  • Contribute to the technical migration of the clearing house2
  • Promote the use and confidence of the new tool within its subsidiaries.
  • Standardize the processes, and build a clear overview for the customer’s team.

Customized support for the adoption of the new BI tool

After having conducted an in-depth analysis of the implementation of transactions in the new BI tool (Neustring Analytics), our Business Intelligence experts led several workshops with the various subsidiaries to introduce the tool, explain how it works, and reassure on its use.

The term Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, applications and practices for collecting, integrating, analyzing and presenting information. The objective of Business Intelligence is to support better decision making in the business, sales, marketing and finance verticals, based on data.

The data sources used to enhance BI tools are multiple: Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, sales tracking information, marketing analytics, network probe data...BI tools help companies bring all of these disparate sources together into one unified view that provides real-time reporting, dashboards, and analysis.

Then, during the first settlement campaigns using the new tool, our team validated each result with the different subsidiaries.

Finally, the results were shared with all the partners in order to compare and reconcile them:

  • Comparative analysis and research on the causes of discrepancies.
  • Creation of a 360 view per partner.

As part of the migration clearing house, our team ensured the implementation of the new flows between our customer and the new platform.


At the end of our mission, the customer has:

  • A new BI tool to monitor its roaming traffic, deployed and adopted in its various subsidiaries,
  • A clear and detailed description of all the steps of the settlement process.

Furthermore, our customer has observed a positive impact on its turnover.

1 Roaming is the ability for the subscriber of a cell phone network to call and exchange data via the cell phone network of another operator, both for an incoming and an outgoing call.

2 Financial Clearing Houses (FCHs) act as trusted third parties for the exchange of communication details between operators. They ensure the transport of data and the verification of their compliance with precise technical specifications and negotiated rates. There are 4 or 5 of them in the world and they ensure each month a billing cycle between a thousand operators.