Customer case

Implementing consistency checks to improve service quality and customer satisfaction

Tue 21 Jan 2020

Information systems play a fundamental part in an operator’s ability to deliver the quality of service which customers expect. Orange Caribbean called upon Sofrecom's IT know-how to curb customer dissatisfaction and turn IS into a real driver for the unparalleled customer experience that is central to Orange Group’s promise.

Yves René Louis Arthur, manager of OCS at Orange Caribbean’s Information Systems Department, offers insight on his work with Sofrecom on the project.

“Orange Caribbean was receiving numerous customer complaints due to errors in offer configuration or invoices. When we realized that many of these complaints stemmed from inconsistencies between two information systems, one rating usages and the other serving as a customer reference and invoicing base, we decided to implement consistency checks between the 2 tools.

It was in this setting that we turned to Sofrecom’s experts. After analyzing the situation, the consultants created a methodology to identify the root causes of the complaints. They also produced specifications and directed the creation of a consistency check script between the two software programs.  Now, these checks are carried out daily and the results reported to us automatically. We analyze the inconsistencies detected to identify those that can be corrected automatically using the files prepared by the verification tool.

Strenghtened by the knowledge gained through previous projects, Sofrecom’s consultants were able to form connections and coordinate all the stakeholders, bringing real added value to the way the project unfolded. They showed a real understanding of the profession and tools. Thanks to their project management skills, we were able to meet the deadlines we set at the start. Lastly, they put a special focus on upskilling for the OCS (Online Charging System) team and knowledge capitalization.

With the project now completed, we have a semi-automated process that enables us to proactively identify and address inconsistencies, even before a problem becomes visible to the customer. We were also able to remedy multiple configuration bugs.

The results speak for themselves: since the consistency checks were first implemented, the number of complaints stemming from the tools has dropped by 80%. We continue to work with Sofrecom to extend the methodology and consistency checks to other tools, with the aim of achieving ever-greater customer satisfaction. ”