Customer case

Implementing a CXM solution

Thu 17 Sep 2015


Customer experience excellence is a major differentiation factor for operators. It is mainly distinguishable through an ability to provide customised offers that are suitable to the needs of every customer. Our customer asked us to set up a Customer Experience Management (CXM) scheme, and an appropriate solution to meet those challenges.


Sofrecom has masterminded the design of a bespoke, configurable CXM web application complete with interfaces to the customer’s databases and network hardware. The application makes it possible to customise reporting tables and KPIs, while including a host of trade-specific functionalities (use cases) like high-value customer monitoring, the creation of panels for marketing campaigns, the use of geo-marketing data and more. The customer’s staff were trained in the use of the application and later they had the benefit of a skills transfer.


The operator can now measure the quality of his customers’ actual experience virtually in real time. Any causes for dissatisfaction are quickly identified and taken into account. Customer relations are improved and operational efficiency is reinforced.