Customer case

High-speed fibre network design

Thu 17 Sep 2015


An operator who is a key player in his country’s economy wanted to build a cutting-edge, passive FTTx optical network to provide high-speed connections to 95% of households and 100% of businesses. To that end, he was looking for a partner experienced in FTTH network design.


Sofrecom brought to the table its knowledge of the appropriate technology and its familiarity with the processes and tools used in network engineering. Working closely with local engineering teams, we were able to precisely understand our customer’s needs and to meet them by delivering a finished product complying with the highest quality standards.


As a result, 35,000 connections, 470 km in optical fibre, 1,384 1:32 optical splitters and 233 P2P were delivered over a 5-month period. The project required no more than 5.2 km in civil engineering work, while 52 new chambers were provided, plus 328 chambers to be expanded.