Equality of opportunity: Sofrecom Services Morocco earns the Professional Equality Certificate

Fri 22 Jul 2016

In June, Morocco's Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs awarded a "Professional Equality Certificate" to Sofrecom's Moroccan subsidiary Sofrecom Services Morocco. This is a particular honor for SSM and a source of great pride since only 19 national companies out of a total of 34 who applied for this first edition of the certificate actually got it.

This initiative reflects the Ministry's desire to make workplace gender equality a high priority to drive the nation's economic and social growth.

The Professional Equality Certificate rewards Sofrecom's commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity, which are the pillars of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. This distinction therefore illustrates our voluntarist approach to promoting diversity across all our agencies worldwide, and our respect of the commitments made when we acquired the AFNOR Diversity Label in France in July 2015.

In Morocco, this certificate will make SSM a benchmark employer setting an example for others by applying our Group's good practices and gender equality policy.

The success of this project coordinated by Sofrecom's CSR Manager, Abdessamad Bouzoubaa, was aided by the proactive support of our senior directors and our Human Resources, Communication and Finance staff in Vincennes and Rabat.

We carry the conviction that supporting every man and woman working for our company, allowing the same opportunities for all in terms of insertion, training, support, promotion, career development and salary, brings advantages for all. Employees well treated and satisfied drive our business and our performance in Morocco and worldwide.