Customer case

Environmental strategy and action plans

Fri 13 Jan 2023

Research toward environmental exemplarity must lead companies to take various actions to reduce their carbon footprints while creating business opportunities. With these goals in mind, Sofrecom was selected by the telecom operator’s CSR department to help define its strategic CSR orientation for 2030.

What is the environmental strategy for 2030?

The first step was to identify and prioritize environmental issues in the digital sector, but also to determine all the actions initiated in the various entities at the customer's premises. The second step was to carry out an assessment of the available resources specific to this client, for environmental matters such as energy, modeling, and circular economy.

Once the goal of environmental exemplarity and digital sobriety were identified, our team of experts at Sofrecom was able to propose a roadmap for the CSR department’s 2030 environmental strategy. In addition, the objective was to implement this strategy as a concrete action plan to sustainably reduce the environmental impacts of the operator, its partners and its clients, while taking into account the specificities of each stakeholder.

To bring ideas to life, bring together proposals and stimulate collaborative innovation, our consultants organized and led ideation workshops focused on environmental exemplarity. They then organized various brainstorming sessions with the operator’s business and technical departments to identify offers and solutions that would enable the operator’s clients to address the challenges of the ecological transition in their sectors, improve their environmental footprint and foster more resilience to climate change. Interviews were then conducted internally with Group employees to enrich and complete the proposals obtained during the workshops. Several surveys were also administered in order to prioritize the needed environmental actions.

Our team also relied on the analysis of CSR initiatives in the operator’s different sectors of activity, including construction, transport and insurance, to identify and prioritize the environmental impact reduction measures relevant to these sectors. Finally, interviews were conducted with players in the insurance sector to better understand their environmental challenges and their needs to meet those challenges.

What are the benefits for our client?

The various deliverables produced have enabled our client to enlighten its executive committee on the environmental issues of the digital sector and the challenges in particular for the operator, taking into account its context, as well as the flagship actions carried out to date.

The assessment of existing CSR competencies and the identification of needs specific to each department have made it possible to draw up recommendations on the resources needed to implement this strategy and the gaps that need to be filled as a priority.

Our client now has clear and precise recommendations for its 2030 environmental strategy and a synthesis of the reflections conducted with the various contributors around the “Challenges of Exemplarity”, the “Solutions to control the environmental footprint”, and the solutions to better manage its environmental footprint, as well as concrete actions for a better consideration of these environmental impacts within the company.

In summary, Sofrecom’s co-construction approach with the operator’s various stakeholders has enabled an internal alignment on the challenges, solutions and actions  to be taken to achieve the ambitions set by the operator.