Customer case

Enterprise network audit and migration

Tue 09 Jul 2019


Our client, a multinational company specialized in insulation and waterproofing solutions, called upon Sofrecom to renovate ad secure its enterprise network (LAN). The current solution had become obsolete and was no longer meeting the required quality and security standards. The company asked Sofrecom to upgrade the local area network for its 80 European production sites.


For each of the sites, our consultants proceeded in 3 steps:
• Firstly, they performed a detailed audit of the site LAN. Based on the audit results, they made customized recommendations for each site in order to standardize and modernize the site network architecture, and make it more secure.
• On the basis of these recommendations, our experts defined the list and quantities of equipment required (« bill of quantity »), and supported our client throughout the RFP process.
• Finally, they installed the material on site and performed LAN migration, while ensuring minimal disruption to the site production capacity.


Thanks to this project our client was able to modernize and strengthen the security of its LAN. Security vulnerabilities have been identified and patched. End-of-support equipment has been replaced. On each site, the production capacity - a major concern for our customer - was only halted for 15 minutes.