DSL and mobile TV solutions

Tue 14 Apr 2015

Sofrecom guides an African operator's video content strategy

To mark the 2014 FIFA World Cup, our client, an African telecoms operator, wanted to create an original catalog of TV content to counter its aggressive competitors. Sofrecom helped create an innovative offer and decide the best content strategy and customer path.

Targeted content for an enriched video experience

In addition to the differentiation challenge, our client wanted to enhance the value of his fixed and mobile Internet access services by proposing original, high-quality video content as a means of making customers more loyal and attracting new ones.
The operator introduced both free and premium on-demand video services compatible with the screens of all domestic and mobile devices.
The Orange video channel with Dailymotion met these needs perfectly: it is simple and easy to implement, accessible to all users (even people who are not subscribers of the operator) and adapted to all screens.
The user enjoys fluid, harmonious access to a large catalogue of verified content from
The choice of this solution enables the operator to select and promote on his portal the most compelling content adapted to local demand. He can also enrich the catalog with his own free or paid content and through partnerships with local content providers.
The ability to propose targeted content is essential to differentiate from rival reputation as an innovator.

Enriching the value proposal at marginal cost

The Orange video channel is a plug-and-play content management system (CMS) that requires no additional infrastructure.
Dailymotion provides the player, the premium content payment system, storage, bandwidth, protection for paid content, usage statistics and of course access for the audience.
The business model is based on sharing of revenues generated by advertising attached to free content and sales of paid VoD content.
This video channel boosts the operator's value proposition and drives mobile data traffic, enabling enlargement of the video services with new content and increasing the portal audience while maintaining tight control of expenses.

Objectives exceeded

Sofrecom experts assisted the operator to define his content offering by analyzing rival services, spotting market opportunities, recommending the solution and defining a multi-screen content strategy and the associated roadmap. They then supported the operator's technical and marketing teams during implementation of the solution.
Sofrecom's status as an Orange affiliate company and an enabler between the Group and this customer was a tremendous advantage in seeking and rapidly rolling out the solution best adapted to this market.
The mission was a great success: the operator was able to launch its offer a whole month before the target date, and the audience is already growing fast!