Customer case

Digitalization of the customer service process

Tue 18 Dec 2018


As part of its customer relations cost reduction strategy, our client, a West African operator, called upon Sofrecom to digitalize a process causing numerous calls to the customer service teams: the one dealing with complaints and claims.
The objectives of this project were:
1. to deliver a 100% digital journey
2. to introduce a new approach to digital transformation, much more customer-centric, and to ensure that this methodology would be taught to the customer’s teams so they could use it on future projects.



After identifying all the project stakeholders and building a multi-disciplinary team within the operator’s staff, our consultants conducted several workshops to design the new digital customer journey for complaints and claims.
Thanks to a structured and phased methodology relying on Design Thinking, and with the contribution of a UX designer, our consultants helped the team analyze the needs and pain points of their customers, design the prototype of the relevant digital journey and finally test the prototype with potential users.


In the end, our customer has at its disposal a fully tested and approved prototype as well as a functional description of the new 100%-digital journey. Our client can now move on to the technical study and the development of the digital process. The Design Thinking approach used during this project has ensured that the end user has always been at the center of all decisions. The result is a simple and intuitive customer journey meeting both the end users’ objectives and those of our client. Our client’s teams are now able to use the same approach again on other projects.