Customer case

Digital skills development to improve the digital customer experience

Wed 08 Apr 2020


In today’s world, consumers have ever demanding requirements towards service companies. Whatever their business sector, their survival relies on their capacity to offer an above-average customer experience. In this context, an international telecommunications operator called on our digital innovation team to support the optimization of its subsidiaries’ web portals.


This project consists in advising daily and training the teams in 14 subsidiaries so they can manage and improve their web interface.  To do so, they can rely on methods, expertise and digital tools selected and supplied by the central teams of the operator.

These entities are faced with growing audiences on their websites. Besides increased volumes, local entities have to adapt to more complex usages. Web visitors also have higher expectations regarding what they can perform on the website. It had then become crucial to develop the skills of the digital teams so they could analyze and understand the behaviors of their web visitors and offer a user experience matching their expectations.

To that end, Sofrecom’s consultants offered individual support taking the digital maturity of the subsidiaries teams into account. The support process unfolds in 4 steps:

  • Performance assessment: a digital tools acculturation program to help visualize traffic and users’ behaviors on the portal.
  • Support to animations: development of a ‘test and learn’ methodology to follow the trends and expectations of the visitors, so that the local webmasters may maintain their sites and connect with their audience ;
  • Evolution of the web portal: deployment of new features valuable for the customer experience, taking into account each country’s context. In some countries, it has, for example, consisted in creating an online support (self-care) to help customers solve their issues without the intervention of an adviser.
  • Deployment of new tools: implementation of performance measurement and monitoring tools for each website.

Finally, our expert in digital customer relationships has facilitated the adoption of the new tools. She designed a comprehensive program that included training material, remote training sessions, as well as remote support for the staff in charge of digital. Some subsidiaries now benefit from webinars on the most advanced functionalities (e.g. AB Testing) to develop their expertise further.


In addition to improving the various entities’ websites, our digital innovation experts have in that respect contributed to the development of the digital culture and skills of the operational teams. Local web managers are now more sensitive to the opportunities offered by digital to maintain and enhance their websites.