Customer case

Digital maturity study

Mon 14 Oct 2019


In an ever-changing business environment, our client - an international telecom operator - decided to define a digital transformation plan for several of its business units. This transformation was initiated in response to employee frustration regarding some fastidious tasks that are currently performed manually, resulting in a poor customer experience (for example, long delivery times or a lack of order status information). Such tasks are therefore sources of customer dissatisfaction.
Our team of digital technology experts contributed to the first phase of the transformation by conducting a digital maturity study covering the impacted business units.


One of the main aims of this study was to review the progress achieved in terms of digital processes at these business units, based on insights and concrete data. The purpose of the review was to identify the prerequisites for successfully implementing each business unit’s digital projects.
Another goal was to present this project as an “enterprise project” and encourage buy-in by all divisions and stakeholders, including Marketing, IT, Management Control, Customer Service, Delivery and technical partners.

In order to collect the necessary information to quantify the degree of digital maturity, our consultants conducted an audit using the “Digital Maturity Model”. This online survey, created by members of the TM Forum, can be used to measure employee perceptions of digital maturity, based on 110 criteria organized in five categories (Customer, Strategy, Technology, Operations and Culture).

For best results and to facilitate employee participation, our experts contextualized the questions to suit each respondent’s profile (division, management grade, etc.)

This initial stage, coordinated by our staff, lasted two months. We then reported the interview findings and produced an accurate picture of the main insights, including:

  • Areas with the lowest level of digital maturity,
  • Areas with the biggest gap between the current and target levels.


This initial mission provided our client with reliable quantitative data characterizing the digital maturity of its business units. It also provided an overview of the various improvement areas, enabling our client to move on to the next steps in its digital transformation.
Satisfied with this initial phase, the client intends to expand the Sofrecom project team by adding a second consultant for the next phase of its digital transformation project.

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