Customer case

Digital governance action plan

Thu 17 Dec 2020

The Ministry of Posts and Information and Communication Technologies (MPTIC) of Ivory Coast wishes to quickly launch digital governance projects to improve services to citizens and businesses, and ICT infrastructure.


To meet its ambitions, the MPTIC called upon Sofrecom to:

  • Define its digital objectives in terms of operational action plans in order to accelerate the launch of projects that will bring concrete benefits to citizens and companies
  • Draw up an operational deployment roadmap


To make this project a success, we relied on the cross-cutting expertise of our teams.

Our consultants have structured a support in 3 steps:

  • Update of the IT Master Plan
  • Identification of 4 separate sites:
  1. Simplify the lives of citizens, businesses and agents
  2. Modernizing the administration
  3. Building and consolidating the foundations of digital governance
  4. Supporting change

Declination of each project into a detailed and concrete action plan to achieve MPTIC’s ambitions.


MPTIC now has a digital strategy divided into 4 areas to prioritize actions and facilitate their implementation. It also has a deployment roadmap to achieve this project in a coherent, ambitious but realistic way.