Digital B2B frees up corporate innovation!

Fri 20 Feb 2015

“The transformation of working modes is also an essential growth lever.”

How can enterprises position to benefit from the growth of digital usages? What are the best strategies?

V. J. Consumer usages and expectations are changing. And this trend is accentuated by services invented by disruptive players which can overturn the business models in many sectors, for example banking, commerce and automobile.

Digital innovation is a good response to market turbulence because it enables enterprises to propose new services and increase their efficiency.

The transformation of working modes is also an essential growth lever. Digital services can enable staff mobility while encouraging collaborative working as a means of increasing market reactivity.

What role can telecom operators play in this transformation?

V. J. Enterprises can find new growth paths by working closely with an operator to develop innovative solutions specific to their activities.

Among the digital innovations derived from such partnerships we might mention the auto insurance sector which now offers premiums based on real mileage as measured by a mobile app.

Operators can also assist enterprises transforming their working modes.

Indeed, IT “consumerization", ubiquitous mobile communication and new collaborative usages all impact enterprises which must adapt to this technological and cultural revolution.

For example, nomadic workers can be equipped with business apps for collaboration and unified communication. They will be able to securely access the company’s IS, any time, any place, and using any device.

How can operators implement these new solutions?

V. J. Operators who have anticipated fixed-mobile convergence and very high speed broadband can now develop cloud-based offers.

Leaving aside the technical aspects, operators must be able to comprehend customers’ real needs and aggregate telecoms and IT services. This means federating their traditional partners as well as new digital players within an open, agile ecosystem.

The more imaginative operators are already exploiting these new tools to “digitize” their sales force and optimize customer relationship management.

Some go even further. The operator Singtel offers its myBusiness portal as a digital marketplace that notably provides intermediation services between its 375,000 cloud solution users.