Customer case

Development of an analytics offer in agile mode

Tue 05 Jan 2021

Our customer, a business operator, had to answer to a strong evolution of its customers' demands in a competitive environment driven by OTTs.

Therefore, our client wanted to develop a digital statistics program around its offers in order to allow its customers to:

  • Understand and optimize their uses
  • Identify over and under-used equipment

Our experts have managed 2 main missions in 2 phases:

Phase 1:

  • Setting up of a digital reporting & analytics for a first batch of offers
  • Digitization of the Consulting Customer Service for an improved user experience

Phase 2: The success of the first phase led our client to expand its programme and entrust Sofrecom with the integration of other offers into its digital statistics programme


In the first phase, our team implemented an agile approach focused on the needs of the client:

  • diagnostics of the needs (Reporting & Analytics) in co-construction with some “top clients” allowing to prioritize a first list of needs.
  • implementation of a design thinking method to define the analytics value proposition and define the key points of the digital client journey.

At the end, the client had a clear product vision and a first draft of the project backlog.

Our team also brought its expertise around data by highlighting 4 important parameters, potentially generator of complexity:

  • type of data (usage data, technical data)
  • owner(s) of the data (sometimes multi-BU)
  • recipient of this data (internal, external customers, end users)
  • data visualization solution that will allow to restore this data.

Our experts then accompanied the development of the Reporting & Analytics portal in Agile Scrum mode:

  • Animation of the various recurring "Team" ceremonies,
  • Backlog management
  • Planning of iterations and management of priorities at the Team level
  • Management of the "Agile Run" with prioritization of the evolutions according to customer feedback.

Our customer was satisfied with this first phase, so he entrusted our team with the task of extending the program to the integration of new offers. Our experts then had to face a new challenge to manage the many interdependencies of the teams within the client's ecosystem and proposed to move from a program mode bringing together several Agile Scrum projects to a SAFe program of agility at scale.


Our customer now has an answer to the OTT competition that allows it to differentiate itself and acquire new customers.

Its new analytical option allows it to generate a new source of revenue.

Our customer organisation relies now on an agile organization that includes several trains with more than 160 employees, enabling it to respond easily and quickly to changes in its offering.