Customer case

Development of an analytics offer in agile mode

Tue 05 Jan 2021

Facing increased competition driven by OTTs, a telco service provider for the B2B market was looking to improve its digital value proposition and its digital customer journey. Its challenge was to provide its customers with an advanced digital analytics solution. The goal was to develop a digital statistics program in order to allow its customers to understand and optimize the uses of the different solutions and services and to identify over and under-used equipment.

Sofrecom's digital marketing experts have assisted him in : 

  • Setting up a digital reporting & analytics for a first batch of services provided by our client,
  • Digitization of the Customer Service Department for an improved user experience.

The success of this first step led our client to expand its program and to entrust Sofrecom to add other services to its digital statistics program.

Building a reporting and analytics portal

To do this, the digital marketing experts used the agile approach to :

  • Carry out a diagnosis of the needs (Reporting & Analytics) in co-construction with "top customers" and prioritize these needs.
  • Define the Analytics value proposition and define the key points of the digital customer journey through design thinking.

At the end, the client had a clear product vision and a first draft of the project backlog.

Our team also brought its expertise around data by highlighting 4 main parameters, potentially generator of complexity:

  • type of data (usage data, technical data)
  • owner(s) of the data (sometimes multi-BU)
  • recipient of this data (internal, external customers, end users)
  • data visualization solution that will allow to restore this data.

They organized the development project of the Reporting & Analytics portal, Sofrecom's experts in Agile Scrum mode :

  • Animation of the various recurring "Team" ceremonies,
  • Backlog management
  • Planning of iterations and management of priorities at the Team level
  • Management of the "Agile Run" with a focus on the evolutions taking into account the customers' expectations

New products & services integration and Agile organization

Fully satisfied with the final result, our client asked our team to manage the new products and services integration program. To manage the numerous interdependencies between the different teams at the client's site, our digital marketing experts proposed to move from a program mode gathering several Agile Scrum projects to a full-scale Agile SAFe program.


Our client has an enriched analytics solution that provides a competitive advantage and a new business opportunity. It has an agile scaled organization that includes several streams of over 160 employees. This organization allows it to easily adapt its value proposition and its portfolio to market changes.