Customer case

Development of a SaaS to analyze mobile quality of service

Wed 30 Jan 2019


Our client, a multinational operator in Africa, wanted to make quality of service (QoS) analysis faster and simpler for its subsidiaries. It requested Sofrecom’s support to develop and deploy a tool available “as a service”.
Our client’ subsidiaries were all already equipped with drive test analysis tools. They did not however fully meet their needs. After collecting the logs, field engineers had to go back to the office, manually upload the logs, wait several hours for reports to be produced and then analyze the results. The analysis itself was a task that only expert radio engineers could perform. At last, they were able to go back onsite to implement the required corrections and optimizations.


Our consultants, QoS experts, regularly perform drive tests and QoS analysis for telecommunications operators and regulators. For this reason, they were using the same tools as our client’s subsidiaries and were perfectly aware of their weaknesses and limitations. They were thus able to rapidly define the 3 functionalities that the perfect tool should have:
• industrialization of post-treatment
• automatization of report production
• production of simplified reports to facilitate first-level analysis

After development, our consultants launched a 6-month pilot with 3 subsidiaries and supported them throughout their discovery and use of the tool:
• presentations of the tool and user trainings, both on the use of the tool and on mobile QoS improvement best practices
• documentation creation
• technical support in case of bugs or incidents
• ad hoc support for any question on the use of the tool or the analysis of results
This pilot enabled our experts to improve the tool, before deploying it to the remaining subsidiaries. Again, they provided each subsidiary with personalized support to discover, configure and use the tool.

Today, our consultants keep supporting our client’s subsidiaries on a daily basis. This proximity with the users makes it possible to constantly further develop and improve this QoS analysis solution.


Thanks to the new “as-a-service” tool, logs can be uploaded remotely, directly from the field. It takes no more than 30 minutes to obtain reports. Therefore the field engineers can very quickly make the required corrections and optimization, and perform another drive test to check the impact of their actions.
Nowadays, QoS measures and optimization campaigns can be conducted more frequently without impacting the subsidiary’s travel budget. In very competitive markets where QoS is key, our client’s subsidiaries are more reactive, more agile and have significantly improved the QoS they deliver to their own customers.