Customer case

Design and development of e-services for a government

Wed 18 Jul 2018

Hand reconized


Intent on reinforcing the economic attractivity of its country, this West African governement introduced several reforms to improve the business climate. Sofrecom was asked to revamp the recording of contracts in order to move up the ranks on the “Enforcing contracts” indicator of the World Bank’s Doing Business index.


The project covered 4 complementary streams:- Digitalization of the contract management processes
- Management of electronic payments
- Barcode referencing of documentation produced
- The protection of documents delivered online thanks to implementation of the electronic signature
Our consultants first collected the end-users needs through a series of interviews and targeted questionanires. Then they conducted several workshops to validate these needs with the different stakeholders.
Afterwards, they modeled the contract management processes. Using on this input, they proceeded with the design and development of the contract management web application and related e-services. Finally, they set up the integration environments, and validated the developments with the customer. Throughout this project, our consultants relied on the agile framework SCRUM.


Thanks to this project, this governement can now propose fully digital contract management processes to the enterprises in its country. Services are available on a 24/7 basis through a dedicated portal. Procedures are perfectly clear and transparent. Our customer was thus able to improve its Doing Business ranking on this indicator.