CSR Customer case

Definition and piloting of an Energy Action Plan

Tue 05 Jan 2021

Our customer, an operator, has launched an energy action plan to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption. Its objective was to act on all of its electrical and air conditioning equipment.

Our energy experts have been tasked with:

  • to identify all the levers to achieve our client’s objectives,
  • to implement them,
  • and track the benefits.


First of all, our team mapped all the equipment on which to act:

  • electrical energy-consuming equipment (network and IT equipment)
  • air cooling equipment,

For each of these equipment, our experts identified levers to reduce electricity consumption. Where possible, they also proposed the use of alternative and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Another challenge of the project was to regularly share the new objectives and the levers to achieve them.

Indeed, the increase in traffic and the technical evolutions of mobile telephony with the different layers (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) leads to an increase in energy consumption. The objectives set a few years ago had to be reviewed, at the same time we also rethought the definition of objectives by introducing the notion of customer usage. Finally, our experts measured the results obtained.


The actions implemented by our team enabled our customer to achieve its objectives in terms of savings on electrical energy and fuel oil.

This action plan also allowed our client to establish several rules:

  • Keep energy consumption under control despite exponential traffic growth.
  • Optimize the energy efficiency of data centers, by correctly designing the technical environment of future sites.
  • Actively contribute to reducing the environmental footprint by promoting the principles of the circular economy and renewable energy
  • Leverage multi-source data analysis and processing via Big Data to efficiently manage your energy bill