Customer case

Data Centers construction feasibility study

Mon 21 Jan 2019


A government in South-East Asia wants to build sovereign and centralized data centers to consolidate all the information systems of its numerous provinces into a single one.
Sofrecom was selected to perform a feasibility study in order to:
• estimate the correct dimensioning and financing required for the project
• analyze and select potential sites to build the data centers
• define a detailed statement of requirements
• establish the technical and technological specifications : eco-responsible criteria (“green ITN”), infrastructure security, data and applications
• specify the plan for the operational implementation of the data centers.


Audit and data centers dimensioning
In a first phase, our consultants worked on establishing the correct dimensioning for the future data centers. To that end, they launched an audit of the existing data centers and IT rooms thanks to an online questionnaire and face-to-face interviews. This methodology made it possible:
• to rapidly obtain feedback from all the stakeholders even the most remote ones
• to collect data on their current hardware and software
• to identify the services to be deployed in the future

Selection of the dimensioning scenario
The analysis of the audit results enabled our consultants to propose 3 dimensioning scenarios. Each one details how dimensioning should evolve to support the current and new services as well as the financing needs in the short, medium and long-term (over 10 years). Our client was thus able to select the scenario most adapted to its context, its ambitions, its timeframe and its budget.

Search and selection of the data centers construction sites
In parallel, our consultant searched for sites adapted to the construction of Tier III+ data centers.. They took into account technical criteria (to ensure service continuity and data security) as well as environmental ones.

Detailed design
The second phase of the project consisted in specifying the components of the scenario selected in phase 1 to deliver a very tangible vision of the project:
• design of the data centers information system and networks
• quantities and functionalities of the recommended equipment
• 3D plans of the buildings
while formulating recommendations with regards to:
• data center operations: monitoring, maintenance, processes, training
• data center governance: benchmark with other countries in the region, steering committee
• service catalogue: machines functionalities, how to best exploit them, room design
• data security: infrastructure redundancy, on-site back-up, data encryption


At the end of this 6-month project, our client can rely on a precise and detailed data center strategy and operational implementation plan that take into account its current situation as well as its ambitions and budget. This project has united all governmental agencies around shared ambitions and objectives and a common governance, all essential cornerstones to the smooth progress of the next phases.