Customer case

Cutting down on poor quality in offers’s order/ delivery chains


A telecom operator’s order/delivery department decided that it wanted to identify the root causes for the poor quality observed in certain order/delivery chains of our internet and convergent offers. Indeed, the poor quality was leading to some additional manual tasks being performed on the back office. So the idea was to provide solutions to eliminate poor quality and automate the processing of tasks on the back office.


Sofrecom took charge of qualifying the causes of poor quality with the operations staff, and then went on to propose mid- and long-term improvements, like for instance process modifications, changes in IS applications, and the reinforcement or setting up of instructions. Our team wrote an articulation of the requirements, showing the impact of changes in all fields so this would be taken into account in the general public roadmap. Then they proceeded to implement those changes.


This operation has helped to reduce customer dissatisfaction and the amount of tasks processed on the back office, thereby cutting back-office costs, as well as those of customer call processing and field interventions.