Customers talking : 2nd issue

Tue 06 Oct 2015

Our commitment, our know-how, the quality of our services… our customers testify to our talent as reflected in the success of their projects.

This is why we regularly invited them to say what they think about projects such as:

  • Patrick Puges, Technical Manager, Emerging Markets Technical Support at Orange, recounts Sofrecom's contribution to the Security Essentials program, and its participation in projects to strengthen the security of Orange networks in the AMEA region.
  • Laurent Rigaut, Customer Information and Personalization Manager at Orange, talks about the CXM solution deployed with Sofrecom's help in Orange AMEA subsidiaries.
  • Zarrar H. Khan, CTO at VIVA Kuwait, describes voice and data benchmarking campaigns (3G and 4G LTE) conducted by Sofrecom to reach and maintain the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
  • Olivier Boulot, Vice President Network Operations, Orange, praises Sofrecom's change management services during transformation of the operating model of AMEA subsidiaries.
  • Jérôme Hénique, CEO of Orange Jordan, describes the migration of the Customer Care and Billing System to Gaia V7 as part of a customer experience improvement program.