Customer case

Customer experience management maturity assessment

Thu 07 Feb 2019


Our customer, incumbent operator in Eastern Africa, requested Sofrecom’s support to make customer experience an integral component of its strategy. It decided to initiate this transformation with a transversal assessment of customer experience management within its company.
The project included 3 complementary objectives:

  • To evaluate the operator’s maturity level with regards to customer experience management,
  • To impulse a shift of the teams’ mindsets on their understanding of customer experience stakes, and how the handle them,
  • To build an action plan roadmap (short, mid and long-term) enabling the company to both deliver a better employee experience and a best-in-class customer experience.


Customer experience management maturity assessment
Our consultants started by compiling a 360° vision of the way customer experience is taken into account inside the company, by all teams, both business and technical. To do so, they collected information via:

  • Qualitative interviews of the company’s managing directors
  • A questionnaire to over 130 employees from a wide variety of job roles, from all hierarchical levels (from middle-management to field teams), and from the country different regions.

This methodology, especially designed by Sofrecom to analyze customer experience maturity, enables the collection of numerous insights. They cover the human and technical aspects of customer experience management, as well as the strategic and operational ones.

Analysis and recommendations
Our consultants then compiled their findings into a detailed report and co-constructed the recommendations and the action plan with our customer.
Recommendations were divided into 6 main clusters :

  • Vision & culture,
  • Customer-centric processes & journeys,
  • Customer-centric tools & methodologies,
  • Customer Experience marketing & communication,
  • Customer Experience digitalization,
  • Measurement & customer knowledge,

and completed by a transversal category of recommendations: the “enablers”.

In the end, our consultants have detailed 30 very operational and actionable recommendations over the next 3 years. They have identified the quick-wins as well as the medium and long-term priorities. They have specified the potential impact of each recommendation on Brand image & customer intimacy development, operational efficiency improvement, revenue generation, employee engagement & efficiency, and market disruptions anticipation.
Furthermore, they collected best practices from the Orange group and other players to exemplify each recommendation.

Raising awareness of the importance of customer experience
In parallel, our consultants organized several workshops to make managers more aware of the crucial role of customer experience. Key concepts, methodologies, benefits, best practices, etc. were presented to over 60 managers.


Thanks to this maturity assessment, our customer has gained a clear, comprehensive and transversal understanding of how customer experience is managed today across its company, as well as key areas for improvement. Our very practical action plan will enable our customer to rapidly launch the required transformation projects. As for the workshops, they have disseminated a common customer experience culture that will help the company move forward in the same direction.