Customer case

Creation of an agile factory for an IT department

Wed 24 Mar 2021

Our customer, the infrastructure department of an operator, had already entrusted Sofrecom with the activity of opening flows on its infrastructures with a model of commitment to results.


Strengthened by this first success, our team saw its field of activities and responsibilities increase:

  • Development and evolution of software applications: common services, tools, automats, portals used to manage the IS of the infrastructure park,
  • Operation and support for users of these applications and services,
  • Management, architecture and production of infrastructures.

This represents a 100% growth in the scope of the project in one year.


Our experts in development and service integration have taken up the challenge of these new activities by relying on a basis of agile practices:

  • Partnership relationship for an agile and committed takeover of the activity,
  • Kanban to share the progress of the plans to increase competence,
  • Scrum for software development,
  • Optimization and digitalization of business processes (BPM),
  • Devops chain to automate and integrate continuously,
  • Synchronization, retrospectives and adaptations for a maximum alignment with the customer's priorities,
  • Infrastructure production (ticketing) in agile backlog management,
  • Proposal force and continuous improvement (KPI analysis, customer feedback).


The agile factory is now involved in some twenty activities. The implementation of agile practices has allowed to :

  • Improve production times,
  • Improve the creation of business-oriented value,
  • Have a seamless integration in the customer production processes,
  • Continuously adapt to changing priorities and workload fluctuations.

In addition, the implementation of a partnership-based operating mode has highlighted our ability to test innovations and optimizations, to develop agile expertise for the acculturation of customer teams and multidisciplinary skills allowing cross-functional assistance.