Customer case

Consolidation of Datacenters

Tue 05 Jan 2021


Our customer, a european operator, was facing several challenges:

  • Most of its technical sites were leased to cope with the exponential growth of the network, so there was no long-term strategy behind its choices.
  • Annual increase in rental costs for technical sites.
  • Lack of flexibility of the lessors who did not wish to invest in their buildings to improve energy efficiency.

As a result, our client turned to our experts in cloud hosting strategy to reduce its operating costs by consolidating its technical sites and migrating its data centers to energy-efficient solutions.


After having drawn up a complete mapping of the client's sites and equipment, our team calculated the costs per square metre over 10 years based on:

  • the initial CAPEX/OPEX of the buildings and technical premises
  • the CAPEX/OPEX required for the renewal of technologies

Our experts then identified the most efficient model by choosing a single common IP and transmission infrastructure (MPLS backbone and datacenter LAN) for all hosted technologies.


In the end, four strategic sites were established and maintained (two of which were original sites), five sites were selected for dismantling and one final site was reduced to a single point of presence.

Thanks to the consolidation of the number of sites and the technical choices proposed by our experts, the savings on OPEX are estimated at nearly 700kUSD/year for our customer