Congo will soon boast a national digital identification system

Wed 30 Jun 2021

Sofrecom group, in partnership with Westaf and Sofie, presented the feasibility study for the implementation of the national digital identification system (NDIS) on June 28 in Brazzaville. The tool will enable the creation of a centralized and reliable database to ensure traceability, information security and access to quality digital services.

"The identification system being studied will be the foundation of a mature online public service to provide a centralized and unique authentication solution to all online public services and to contribute to the emergence of an information society in Congo that will become smart, connected and inclusive, in accordance with the pertinent international recommendations,” said the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Leon Juste Ibombo, at the ceremony of restitution of the abovementioned study for the implementation of the NDIS.

This tool, comprised of three elements, aims to collect, register, process and certify all civil status, demographic and biometric data, inter alia, and to identify any individual living in Congo or abroad, as well as other persons in regular status.

This system will also be boosted with demographic data on the status of households, including the number of households, income, socio-professional category and a biometric identity of the citizen.

Michel Ngakala, Cab project coordinator, said during the restitution ceremony that the NDIS will help reduce fraud, protect citizens' rights and increase transparency. It will also create economic value for individuals, thus promoting greater inclusion that will allow for better access to goods and services.

“The NDIS feasibility study shows how the digital identity will primarily serve the population and that the technological, legal and political framework should be built on users' freedom of action and choice, informed consent, recognition of multiple forms of identity, preservation of anonymity and respect of privacy," he said.

Estimated at approximately $18 million, the investment budget for this project involves the implementation of the regulatory framework and the creation of governance centers.

It is noteworthy that Sofrecom Group tends to establish a digital transformation plan; deploy the foundations of connectivity and infrastructures; and propose the most adapted digital solutions...