"Capacity Building is the cornerstone of change management"

Wed 31 Jul 2013

In recent years the telecommunications market has seen momentous transformations engendered by radical changes in usages and the arrival of new players – equipment makers, OTTs and content and service providers –who directly challenge telcos. Traditional paradigms are giving way to new business models.

All operators face major transformation challenges, whether they work in fierce competition or enjoy a monopoly position, and whether their market is mature or still developing. Their future development depends on their adaptability and, most important, their ability to capitalize on their prime asset: their human resources.

One vital requirement for the success of any transformation project is that all employees, whatever their role, accept and understand the corporate strategy and find professional satisfaction in supporting it. This collective energy and commitment to shared ambitions is essential to ensure durable growth at the service of customers.

Today Sofrecom shares this conviction with its clients through its Capacity Building Service. In addition to providing indispensable staff training, a capacity building program is fully integrated in a much broader change management process whose goal is to achieve an efficient organization in which every employee contributes to business development. Capacity building is the cornerstone of change management.

We assist our customers to integrate and promote a strategy supported and driven by the entire workforce exploiting their managerial and professional skills to the full. Once their individual roles and contributions are clarified, employees become the principal driving force of the transformation process.

Our personalized capacity building systems are designed to enable everyone to contribute to the implementation and success of the corporate strategy. Capacity building also strengthens the collective identity by combining teamwork with individual contributions to achieve defined objectives.

In short, our solutions get all the company's people involved, while capitalizing their knowledge and expertise. The power of our change management programs lies in this collective building approach that facilitates individual initiatives and commitment and that is reflected in concrete, coherent, easy-to-understand action plans serving a shared corporate vision.

Sofrecom is now the partner of several operators around the world who have adopted this innovative approach. For example, we are using our powerful network of experts and know-how to assist Orange Tunisia to implement an integrated capacity building program to push forward its strategic plan.

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