Customer case

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)


An international operator wanted to set up a risk-anticipation methodology among his subsidiaries in order to cut down on the likelihood of incidents and their impact on service platforms, IT platforms and on the hardware ensuring service continuity.


Sofrecom developed and implemented a methodology based on Business Impact Analysis (BIA) which was easy to use for our customer’s subsidiaries. We designed bespoke questionnaires inspired from a variety of risk-management methods (ISO 22301: 2012, Ebios, ISO 27001, ISO 27005). We conducted a series of interviews which helped us to analyse risk and to implement action and business recovery plans as part of a BCP approach.


The Business Continuity Plan improves awareness of any shortcomings among the entities and of business recovery time frames according to the chosen scenario. The Business Impact Analysis makes it possible to prioritise investments relating to business continuity and to cut insurance premium costs. The BCP is a means to guarantee uninterrupted service to customers, thus providing a definite competitive edge.