Business Agility can help us through difficult times

Mon 19 Oct 2020

Until recently, in business circles, the term “disruption” was linked to innovative concepts leading to radical change. However, in the aftermath of COVID-19, “Business as usual” has become “Business as unusual”, requiring many companies to rethink and adapt their ways of working.

Fortunately, agile, distributed working methods give Business Agility a new meaning, providing companies with a map to navigate this VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity¹).

What is Business Agility?

Like “disruption”, the term “Business Agility” has become the word of the day. In simple terms, Business Agility means the capacity of an organization to adapt to a changing environment, using its own flexibility and ingenuity.

How can you apply Business Agility in tangible terms to businesses during the pandemic?

  • Digitization and user experience

For psychological and practical reasons, a large number of customers will probably seek out and use digital channels to obtain their products and services.

Personal actions will fade into the background of customer experience as more and more digital customer interactions take place remotely.

The increase in digital activities will offer businesses the means to track the customer journey, carry out targeted marketing actions and maintain a personalized relationship with their customers.

  • Delegation and responsibility

In the era of teleworking, conventional interactions between members of staff and your organization have evolved, meaning that managers have to delegate more responsibility over essential decision-making to people “on the ground” (or more likely at homeJ).

  • Communication

Existing relationships with customers and the promotion of new relationships are essential to the economic wellbeing of your organization, via transparent, reassuring communication, ensuring that customers’ voices are heard and that quality services are maintained.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on many sectors and many people, but it’s also an opportunity for your organization to embrace change and become an agile, flexible, resilient company in our complex, uncertain world.

It’s not just a question of survival. Becoming Agile is a way in which your organization can embrace the future with enthusiasm.


Anas Lachheb

Agile Coach and Provocator Agent