Customer case

Big Data technical and business support


To ease and speed up the deployment of Big Data projects in its Africa & Middle East subsidiaries, this multinational operator asked Sofrecom to support both technical deployments and adoption by the business teams .


Our consultant organized the project in 2 phases. To start with, he provided an end-to-end functional and technical support for RFPs. He wrote the statement of requirements, contributed to the evaluation of providers and then tracked projects on a weekly basis to spot, facilitate the replication of use cases, and to leverage the interface contracts. Being involved also during the operational phases, he was made aware of the difficulties faced by the subsidiaries (dimensioning, operations, change management, etc.) and shared all this useful feedback with all the subsidiaries.

In a 2nd phase, looking at the first Big Data projects deployed in the region, our expert proposed a first version of a data dictionary for the benefit of the business teams such as marketing. This dictionary will be regularly enriched with the future most relevant use cases.


Thanks to this project, our customer’s subsidiaries were able to smoothy launch and deploy their Big Data solutions. Benefiting from the experience of all the other subsidiaries, they avoided pitfalls and delivered their projects more rapidly. The data dictionnary provides the business teams with a unique repository making communication with technical teams easier. It reduces the risks of misunderstanding and helps make Big Data developments better suited to their needs.