Customer case

Audit of subcontracting for the deployment of a FTTH network

Fri 19 Mar 2021

The PINs (Public Initiative Network) are public contracts aimed at deploying Fiber in the less densely populated areas of France.


As part of the deployment of an FTTH RIP network, our client, a wholesale operator, asked our experts to carry out an audit of the subcontractors to understand the reasons for the delay and to implement a crash-program to exit the crisis.


Our experts first carried out 2 audits:

  • A first audit on the organization of subcontracting companies and the analysis of the root causes of production failures.
  • A second audit relating to the dimensioning of the resources of the subcontractors and the planning of recruitment.

The audits revealed a paradox between, on one hand, experienced groups having demonstrated their potential on other PIN projects and, on the other hand, the limited results obtained on the current project. The identified root cause of the delay was the failure to engage subcontractors who were treating the project in a "best effort" way.

Our team then built a strategy for getting out of the crisis along four axes, divided into ten or so actions:

  • Making subcontractors responsible: co-construction of roadmaps with the application of penalties in the event of non-compliance with commitments.
  • Strengthen the client’s internal organization: field supervision, project reinforcement. . .
  • Supporting subcontractors: punctual internalization of studies to boost dynamics, co-construction of load plans.
  • Motivating the subcontractors: setting up incentives to meet the objectives (volume, deadlines, quality).


Thanks to the expertise deployed by our team (technical audits, FTTH network deployment, sub-contractors management), our client has two audit reports as well as a crisis exit plan shared and presented to the PIN governance with concrete actions to be implemented.