Customer case

Assessing the market potential for a sponsor roaming offer

Tue 22 Sep 2015


In the wholesale market, a telecom operator asked Sofrecom to identify which Full or Light MVNOs would provide the best potential for a Europe-wide roaming offer, and to estimate the market’s worth.


The study which we performed included several aspects: an analysis of the various organisation structures among Full MVNOs and any existing or possible hybrid models; an analysis of offers and positioning among all players; a validation of the study’s findings through a series of meetings held with the customer, MVNOs and European Union regulatory officials.


Our status as a consulting firm that is detached from the competition among European operators has enabled us to conduct our study with the various players involved in the MVNO market. This has in turn helped us to work in total neutrality and deliver completely objective findings to our customer, who was also given to enjoy the benefits of the expertise we have built on the issue through all of our studies.