Appointment of Davy Letailleur

Wed 01 Sep 2021

On September 1st, Davy Letailleur is appointed as Deputy CEO and Managing Director of  IT & Network Business Unit.

Until now, he was leading the Network Management Unit at Orange in the North-East of France, in charge of deployment and maintenance of 4G/5G fixed and mobile networks and of the management of services on networks of public initiatives for local authorities.

Davy has more than 20 years of professional experience within the Orange Group.
He has held positions combining managerial, network and business acumen, focusing on the client dimension.

He developed skills in the field of construction, maintenance and operation of access networks, network cores and platforms -forms of services and operational cost models within the financial department at the service of Orange France’s marketing teams and regulatory teams.

Within Orange Wholesale France, he headed the roaming rollout project for Free Mobile and led relations with French operators in the field of interconnection. He was a director of the Association of Platforms for Standardization of Inter-operator Flows and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GIE Mobile Portability Management Entity.

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