Customer case

An opportunity study for smart power grids in Africa

Tue 22 Sep 2015


Sofrecom has performed an evaluation of smart grid maturity in Sub-Saharan Africa for an international customer, in order to identify growth opportunities in that segment. This involved taking into account the great diversity in national backgrounds and to consider regulatory, financial and technological imperatives underlying the deployment of smart grids, as well as governmental master schemes within the power sector.


In order to meet those expectations, we proceeded on the basis of 3 stages: we determined appropriate indicators in selecting representative countries with strong potential, then we talked with key players in the power sector in order to understand the sector’s current condition and its anticipated evolution, and finally we spoke with our customer’s experts to identify any assets he may have in the field of smart grids.


Our study has broadened our customer’s understanding of the power sector in Africa, giving him an overview of the measures required to match his assets with the opportunities and characteristics of smart networks in every targeted country.