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Agile and scrum culture training

Mon 22 Mar 2021

In order to consolidate the practices and the agile methods of the Sofrecom Tunisia Service Center, trainings are regularly provided by our certified coaches.


These trainings have several objectives:

  • Ensuring the rapid integration of newcomers
  • Adhere to a culture of agility in line with the company's values
  • Understand and adopt the Scrum Framework: rituals, ceremonies, processes, tools...
  • Clarify the roles, responsibilities and operating modes of a Scrum team
  • Create a close-knit team that is attentive to the expectations of C2S customers.


Our certified coaches have established a training program composed of theoretical explanations, role plays, workshops and exchanges to apply the knowledge acquired.

The training sessions are given to the entire scrum team to encourage group cohesion and the creation of a collective.

Work in sub-groups was also carried out. These groups are composed of beginners and experts in agility to stimulate exchanges and question the different practices. These workshops allowed the definition of the team's cooperation modes.


More than 600 people have been trained since 2016.

These training courses have helped to increase the autonomy of teams in adopting agile methods and practices, in particular

  • The practice of continuous improvement,
  • The ability to adapt continuously to changing priorities and fluctuations in workload,
  • Good management of resources trained in agility to meet customer needs.