Customer case

Agile coaching to optimize a mobile application's development

Mon 29 Mar 2021

Our client, an international network operator, is centralizing the needs of its subsidiaries for the development of a mobile application in order to have a common deployment roadmap.


The objective is to allow the team in charge of development to deliver the target customer experience.

Our client called on our digital transformation experts to:

  • Improve the predictability of new feature deployments,
  • Provide visibility into the performance of the organization,
  • Increase the maturity of the teams on the agile methodes.


Our experts in agile methods proceeded in several steps.

First, they established an inventory by conducting several interviews with the various stakeholders and by studying the data available in the Jira tool, used to manage the product backlog.

Following the sharing of this inventory, our experts defined several workstreams, animated with remote workshops via the Miro tool:

  • Continuous training on the Lean-agile culture,
  • Identification of pain points and expectations on the current workflow,
  • Value stream mapping of teams and definition of DoD/DoR (Definition of Ready/Definition of Done) at each step,
  • Definition of useful agile indicators for the teams,
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities with a Delegation poker workshop.


At the end of the intervention of our consultants, our customer has workflows, available in Jira, representing the real activity of the teams and allowing a reliable measurement of the agile indicators.

At the same time, team satisfaction has greatly improved thanks to :

  • the implementation of pull flows to limit work in progress,
  • the clarification of the sharing of responsibilities between the different roles.

The support in agile methods was key for the success of the mission, they facilitated the co-construction with the customer as well as the alignment of all the actors.