Customer case

A new digital experience for professional customers

Wed 15 Mar 2023

The Professional segment, which covers both Enterprise and Independent customers — those with 0 to 15 employees — is targeted by our client, a major European operator, with a catalog of products and services tailored to the expectations of this sector and dedicated distribution channels.

To develop the digital experience and uses of its customers, this operator wished to develop a new digital interface to access all digital services dedicated to Professionals. This digital space allows users to send SMS, faxes or large files and provides them one-click access to external services such as Facebook Page Pro or WhatsApp — a real timesaver that allows more operational efficiency.

As part of a structured project using the Agile SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) method, our consultant served as Product Owner during the project definition and pilot phases of the solution.

Role and responsibility of product owner in Agile SAFe

An Agile Product Owner is a key team member responsible for maximizing the commercial value of the product. The Product Owner defines the product's features, prioritizes them based on their value and clearly communicates them to the Agile development team. He/she works closely with the Agile team to ensure that the delivered product meets the expectations expressed by the end users. The Product Owner is responsible for maintaining a product backlog that lists all features, tasks and objectives for the product, as well as their priority. He or she makes quick and informed decisions, always keeping in mind the business objectives and the needs of the end users. In short, the Product Owner is responsible for the product’s success, its commercial value and its alignment with market needs.

A project scoping phase to align stakeholders' expectations

Framing a new digital journey project is a crucial process to ensure the project’s success. Here are the key elements that our consultant was able to bring throughout this phase:

  • Define and stabilize the objectives and expected results: With all stakeholders, our consultant ensured that the objectives and expected results were clearly specified and made known to everyone to best understand how to define the customer experience and maximize user satisfaction.
  • Analyze user needs: Understanding user needs is essential in order to design a digital journey experience tailored to their expectations and habits. With internal contributors, our consultant conducted this analysis through surveys, market research on similar experiences and data on the usage of the professional mail and professional portal.
  • Define the scope and priority level of each feature: Based on the information gathered and analyzed, our consultant helped the project team clearly define the scope of the new digital journey, i.e., the features, services and content that would be included. This allowed for better resource management and ensured that the most requested features were implemented first.

Pilot phase with beta testers for successful launch

A mandatory step before the opening of a new digital journey, the pilot phase allows for testing the viability of the journey, identifying potential problems and gathering necessary feedback from end users (beta testers) to improve the overall experience before its commercialization.

In his role as Product Owner, the consultant's mission allowed him to:

  • Define objectives and KPIs to be achieved in order to measure the success of the pilot phase and identify areas for improvement. Offer accessible Data visualization tools to the entire team.
  • Select "interface testers" to represent the target audience in order to collect their comments and feedback.
  • Set up a test environment with the necessary tools for testing the functionalities in complete security.
  • Analyze the results using the defined KPIs.
  • Optimize and iterate throughout the pilot phase to take into account the improvements and validate them continuously, in order to achieve a satisfactory version that can be launched commercially.


Thanks to the expertise and support provided by our consultant, the client was able to commercially launch this new digital interface. The service is available to all Professional customers and constitutes one of the key elements of the operator's promise: to be the trusted partner of their digitalization.