Customer case

A Cloud-based Solution in hosting health data

Thu 17 Sep 2015


Confronted to a situation where optimising e-health infrastructures has become a major challenge, both in human and in financial terms, our operator customer wanted a hosting solution for health data that was suitable for all of his B2B customers, as well as flexible, scalable and secure.


In order to fulfil this demand, Sofrecom made use of its methodology through a marketing and an engineering study: analysing the market and its changes, segmenting the existing and potential market, and setting up a catalogue of services, some of which can be assembled into packages like “Essentiel” for basic start-up and backup, “Silver” for a supervised OS or “Gold” for a fully managed OS.


The solution provides secure data hosting (to ASIP standards). Access and data exchange is secure and may be encrypted.
The offers are entirely configurable, contracts may be set up and payments can be made online, and on a self-serve basis for customers who so wish. Pay-per-use billing is also possible.