3 questions to Jacques Moulin, Chief Executive Officer of Sofrecom

Thu 08 Dec 2016

The Sofrecom’s 50th anniversary celebration gives us the opportunity to interview Jacques Moulin. He talks about his ambitions for Sofrecom.

Sofrecom turned 50. How do you feel about that?

We are proud of this long history: 50 years serving innovation and the transformation of more than 200 operators and governments worldwide. Sofrecom has always been farsighted, detecting and understanding the major trends that have transformed our industry over the past half-century. We capitalise on our unique know-how in telecom advice and engineering to develop innovative approaches. We leverage the diversity of our talents: 1,400 experts from more than 30 countries, who can deliver Orange’s innovations in a great variety of environments.

What are Sofrecom’s ambitions for 2020?

We want to be the special partner of operators’ and governments’ digital transformation. We’ll keep strengthening our partnerships with the digital ecosystem around our eleven local offices, to identify and analyse new growth drivers for our customers. On the strength of this multi-local presence and the in-depth analysis of the markets, we’ll continue to blaze trails for Orange’s international development. We became the first entity in the group to receive the Afnor Diversity label in 2015. We believe in multiculturalism, equal opportunity and the development of skills. Our ambition is to be an employer of choice and to ensure a promising future for our people in all our countries.

What strengths do you rely on to become operators’ special partner?

Digital technology radically changes relationships between people and organisations. To support our customers-cum-partners through breakthrough innovation, we make people the foundation of our approach to capacity building and change management. We help their employees take ownership of change and we co-develop their organisation with them, sharing our experience. We also recruit and train experts in the new digital lines of work.
More than 96% of our customers give Sofrecom the thumbs up.