Our CSR commitments

At Orange and Sofrecom, we are convinced that digital technology is a powerful lever for economic, social and environmental development. From this point of view, we want its incredible potential for progress and innovation to be put at the service of the human being.

Sofrecom's Corporate Social Responsibility approach is structured around five priorities:

1- Ensure a safe and healthy working environment

Improving the quality of life and the organization of work are at the heart of Sofrecom Group's social policy: comfort of work spaces, simplification of IT tools, balance between private and professional life.

This translates into:
• A simple and agile work organization facilitating collaboration between teams, whatever their location
• Easy access to the information needed to carry out quality work
• Leeway and means for each to achieve and succeed in its missions
• Considerable investments in training enable each person to develop his / her skills and to have the autonomy necessary for his function.

2- Promoting and empower diversity at work

The Sofrecom Group has been committed to diversity and equal opportunities throughout the career paths for many years. This policy, which we have called "Diversity is a reality, the inclusion of a will", is translated into four key axes
a.Promote diversity;
b.Develop gender equality;
c. Ensure the best balance between work and personal life;
d- promote the integration of disabled persons

3- Acting for equal opportunities and non-discrimination

Sofrecom is a partner of a number of associations that promote youth orientation and the professional integration of people who face difficulties in accessing employment, such as young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or people with disabilities.
Sofrecom is a partner of several universities and facilitates the access of young people to the employment through multiple offers of internships and positions of alternants.

In choosing its partners and suppliers, Sofrecom works with companies that respect the values ​​and principles of equality, non-discrimination and ethics that our company promotes.

4- Limiting our fingerprint

In a world with limited natural resources, we believe that reducing our environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of our products and services is an essential condition for sustainability and competitiveness.
Our priority: create simple "eco-gestures" at the level of all our employees, to set up and deploy digital solutions for the environment.

5- Ensure that its stakeholders respect the strict rules of governance, transparency and ethics

The ethics and the respect by all of the values ​​and the principles of collective action and of individual behaviors are translated in a reference common to all the collaborators whatever their trades.
This reference framework defines and specifies the daily conduct between us, our customers, our competitors and more broadly, our environment.
This double approach to compliance, on the one hand, and compliance with laws and rules, and ethics, on the other hand, that is to say, Orange's commitments that go beyond legal norms alone , marks our desire to act as an actor of Responsible and trust.