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Symposium Data & Telecom Networks

Symposium Data & Telecom Networks

By admin - May 06, 2010

Bertrand Rondeau, Project Manager and Expert Consultant in super-fast broadband networks access, presents:

« The Super-Fast Broadband everywhere and for everybody… even in Africa ! »

This symposium is open to all professionals actors in telecomunications (operators and industrialists) of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) domain and purposes 45 conferences, debates and forums on Data Networks & Telecommunications.

The media coverage is ensured by the press specialized in telecomunications industry: Réseaux et Télécoms, 01 Informatique…)

download the programme

download the presentation (available only in French)

[press article (only available in French):

website "Tout ce que vous avez voulu savoir sur le très haut débit..."->]