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Sofrecom’s contribution regarding Economic Intelligence

Sofrecom’s contribution regarding Economic Intelligence

By admin - January 21, 2011

Under the heading « EI, concrete help for Risk Managers », this first meeting set out to clarify EI concepts through the contributions and experience of the guest speakers and to initiate proceedings by interactively drawing up, with the participants, the list of EI themes.

Our contributions, as Economic Intelligence/Market Intelligence professionals in large companies, illustrated our role in our organisation, our responsibilities, our practices and the results of our actions. This enabled operational communication about our function and business and provided a deep knowledge base for all the attendees.

Our presentation shows the EI concepts applied to our area of activities: Market Intelligence in Telecommunications consulting. Some methodological examples were used to demonstrate their implementation in the context of recurrent watch programmes. We focussed on the description of a collaborative watch platform deployment project within our teams and also several entities from the France Telecom - Orange Group.

To find out more, see our blog (article only available in French)


* Gilles Bugada is Assistant Director of the Telcos & Media advanced services business unit and head of Market Intelligence

* Julien Duprat is head of Collective Intelligence and an expert in Economic Intelligence