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Sofrecom, HEC and the Japanese telecom market

Sofrecom, HEC and the Japanese telecom market

By admin - January 11, 2011

On January 11, 2011, Gilles Bugada, Assistant Director, and Julien Collin, Consultant for the Sofrecom Telcos & Media Advanced Services Business Unit, presented the Japanese telecom market to students of the HEC Master program on the Jouy-en-Josas campus (Yvelines).

The class is currently conducting a futures study on high speed LTE mobile networks and their impact on the consumption of multimedia content and the media industry. Many factors supported this study on Japan (widely equipped population, high consumption of multimedia content, launch of LTE), where HEC students will travel next March to conduct a series of interviews with local players, among other activities.

Sofrecom therefore used its knowledge of the Japanese market – through its constant telecom watch and regular trips – to make a presentation of the Japanese telecom market and highlight several of its specific aspects. Find out more (link on attached presentation).

Sofrecom and the HEC graduate business school have been working together for several years on research topics relative to new technologies. In April 2009, they co-wrote “High speed and multiplay, a new modernity for landlines.”

download the presentation (only available in French)