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Meet @ Monetizing Big Data in Telecoms Word Summit 2016

Meet @ Monetizing Big Data in Telecoms Word Summit 2016

Sofrecom will participate at this major telecoms meeting that focuses on monetizing data. It will take place on 21-22 April 2016 at the Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore.

Big data exploitation has an increasing allure for operators around the world who are in search of additional revenue sources.

Telcos have access to a multitude of data in their networks and IT systems that could be monetized using a DaaS model in many different sectors: industry, commerce, hotels, media, public services, financial services, healthcare, environment, etc.

Thierry Dubois, Sofrecom's General Manager in Asia, will give a conference at the Summit on the topic "Turning Mobile Network Insights into Money" at noon on 22nd April.

He will share his views on data analytics opportunities and explain how operators can create value-added services from business intelligence solutions. He will present Orange's "Flux Vision" as an example of network data monetization.

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