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Integrating Business Intelligence in corporate strategy

Integrating Business Intelligence in corporate strategy

By admin - June 22, 2010

Gilles Bugada*, Deputy Director of Sofrecom, was invited to speak on this subject.

Business Intelligence, now recognized as a valuable steering tool for all types of enterprise, can be broadly defined as a control and protection system for strategic information. Implementing a Business Intelligence approach in any organization requires some adaptation and innovation. An effort is required to integrate Business Intelligence principles and the necessary management changes and tools, and to fully utilize the benefits of this approach.

This conference was an opportunity to discuss these challenges, to hear the first-hand experience of experts, and to analyze some concrete results of Business Intelligence practices.

Gilles Bugada's contribution was entitled: "How should we collect and process available information? A benchmark of best practices". In collaboration with other business intelligence professionals, Gilles presented an overview of the evolution in intelligence tools then proposed some methodological baselines for optimizing information collection and processing.

*Gilles Bugada is Deputy Director of Sofrecom's Advanced Telcoms & Media Services (SATM) Division

download the presentation (only in French)