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The Know-How Network in our daily work – Part 2

The Know-How Network in our daily work – Part 2

What does being part of the Know-How Network actually mean? How does it really affect us day after day? Here is our second series of staff testimonies.

Ensure know-how transmission

"The most precious asset of any enterprise is its employees. Sofrecom strives to share this conviction with its customers through its development approach and its commitment to skills transfer. Capacity Building draws on Orange's enterprise university and skills development programs, and on Sofrecom's experience of well-controlled know-how transfer during its customers' projects."

Régina Sneifer
Capacity building consultant

Develop synergies

"Being part of the Know-How Network means making sure customers get the benefits of our synergies and complementary talents through our Business Units' end-to-end consultancy services and solutions. In my particular field, this means combining telecoms and economic intelligence expertise. In particular, we have developed modeling techniques to analyze and qualify relevant information in order to guide customers' market positioning decisions."

Karine Douaud
Market Positioning Manager

Encourage interpersonal relations

"Communication is a key element of the Know-How Network. It federates the energy of Sofrecom's men and women and facilitates interchange. Such relations ensure that our customers draw maximum benefit from the know-how and experience of these high-level professionals. Networking lies at the very heart of the way we operate and it underpins all our projects by pushing back the limits of knowledge and know-how. My mission is to exploit all forms of digital and traditional communication to ensure that everyone – including our customers and partners – is part of the Know-How Network."

María Sol Covello
Institutional Relations, Marketing and Logistics Manager
Sofrecom Argentina

Find tailor-made solutions

"The Know-How Network is the very key to our mind-set, for it is composed of highly experienced people sharing a wealth of expertise and working together to design solutions perfectly adapted to each customer. It is also an efficient chain of women and men animated by a team spirit and committed to guaranteeing top-quality services."

Hélène Toulotte
Network contract engineer

Be unceasingly attentive to customer aspirations

"Our new baseline 'The Know-How Network' expresses its full sense thanks to our customers. Their feedback through annual satisfaction surveys allow us to constantly enrich our offer and methodology."

Maria Lavayssière
Quality, Governance and Communication Manager