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Telecommunications: increasing cooperation between France and Vietnam

Telecommunications: increasing cooperation between France and Vietnam

By admin - May 03, 2011

During this meeting, the Vice Minister Tran Duc Lai expressed himself on the characteristics, the strategies and the perspectives of development of the Vietnamese telecoms market. He confirmed Vietnam’s wish to widen its international cooperations and to encourage foreign investments.

Alain Masson underlined the current take off of the Vietnamese market, and confirmed Sofrecom’ s will to extend its partnership with Vietnam by bringing its know-how in consulting, network and IT.

Sofrecom created its subsidiary in Hanoï in 2009 and is collaborating with the MIC Project Management Unit. It is also working on the ICT development projects financed by the World Bank.

For years, Sofrecom has been training and collaborating with the Vietnamese operator VNPT in the fields of management, human resources, mobile technologies 3G, IP services…

Translated from the article published in the Vietnamese Buu Dien newspaper (No. 46 - 1363 ) on Monday April 4th 2011

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