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Sofrecom Services Morocco, a leading partner

Sofrecom Services Morocco, a leading partner

Sofrecom's Moroccan subsidiary, Sofrecom Services Morocco (SSM), has earned CMMI 3 certification for its IT activities and a solid reputation as a reliable partner for Moroccan enterprises creating or modernizing IT or telecom systems. Its General Manager Daniel Vannucci talks about the Moroccan market and its challenges.

C Back RevuWhat is Sofrecom Services Morocco's role in the local ecosystem?
Daniel Vannucci: Based in the Technopolis technology hub in Rabat, SSM is one of Morocco's hundred biggest mid-sized companies. It is perfectly integrated the local IT and telecoms ecosystem and benefits from the government's efforts to develop co-location activities with foreign companies. Our core business and positioning on which we are recognized and competitive is our "offshore" activity of IT and telecoms consulting and engineering.

Who are your customers?
Daniel Vannucci: Traditionally the principal mission of our agency in Morocco was to install mediation systems developed by Sofrecom for a big telco. Through our offshore activities we serve foreign companies. Although these are mainly Orange affiliates, we have expanded our portfolio of services to be able to address local enterprises as well. We intend to develop this activity by publicizing our broad know-how and in particular our expertise in strategic consulting and marketing intelligence with telecoms operators and public and semi-public organizations in the Kingdom. Our geographic location in Rabat, the country's political and administrative capital, helps to maintain close, regular contacts with the Administration and anticipate future needs.

What are your ambitions for 2014?

Daniel Vannucci: SSM is transforming to become very competitive. We now propose a broader range of services differentiating us from other consultants and genuinely meeting the needs of customers who, like us, are diversifying. Our development strategy is to continue to build our business on offshore and public markets and in parallel work more with private enterprises, either directly or with partners such as Orange Business Services. For the benefit of our customers, we often work with partner companies to ensure that we delivery the very best solutions and tailor-made support from A to Z. We also have software expertise covering business needs such as CRM and ERP, integration, and mediation and information geographic systems, and today SSM draws on its broad experience to assist clients adopting web technologies or facing nomadism challenges. Our IT and network consulting business is growing fast, in particular on projects involving the deployment, optimization and operation of high-speed networks.

Why do your customers choose SMS?
Daniel Vannucci: Foreign customers are managed in partnership with Sofrecom SA and the Group's centers of expertise. Everyone makes a contribution: our sales force and experts detect a need then manage the selling process. SSM is then involved in the project management, supervising the production and providing the human skills required to execute the services on time and with the agreed quality level. We exploit the complementarity of our organizations and resources to deliver optimal quality of service. Generally speaking, all our foreign and local customers recognize SSM as a Moroccan company that benefits from the Orange's support, expertise and innovation and from a powerful international know-how network. Our CMMI level 3 certification, a further guarantee of quality and experience, strongly and positively differentiates us from our competitors. Sofrecom's consulting resources give us another competitive advantage: we are able not only to make recommendations but also to actually implement them. We offer the global strength of Sofrecom, an International Integrated Group. This gives us a powerful positioning!

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