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Sofrecom off to a flying start in Vietnam!

Sofrecom off to a flying start in Vietnam!

By admin - July 07, 2010

Part of an ambitious e-government program started in 2005 by the Vietnamese Government and the World Bank, this project aims to promote ICT development in the country. The program's prime goal is to modernize the MIC whose responsibilities include national ICT strategy and the General Statistic Office. Additionally, sub-projects are planned to develop e-government applications for public use in municipalities in large cities such as Da Nang and the capital Hanoi.

Sofrecom will manage assistance projects created by the MIC's Project Management Unit (PMU) to support the Ministry's restructuring and to train its personnel.

The Sofrecom team is composed of five experts. Team leader Haï Hoang Minh and his local deputy will be backed by consultants in financial management, ICT and training.

Its main missions are:

- project management, monitoring of program indicators, and reporting

- preparation of sub-project technical and financial plans, budgets and financial follow-up

- financial management and control of incoming payments

- assistance during assimilation of procurement procedures compliant with World Bank rules

- human resources development and training

- skills transfer

- liaison with MIC managers, and program governance.

This 18-month project represents 45 man-months of work for Sofrecom.

This success alone justifies Sofrecom's decision to create a subsidiary in Hanoi with the intention of developing its expertise in telecoms project management in this emerging market and exploiting its knowledge of Vietnam acquired though many other projects.