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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015/2016

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015/2016

The remarkable results of our customer satisfaction survey reflect once again the involvement of Sofrecom’s teams and everyone's commitment to continually improve the quality of our services, and the work we have achieved in 2015 across our entire footprint.

Chiffresweb VaThe satisfaction survey, which took place from mid-November 2015 through mid-February 2016, confirms the enhancement of Sofrecom's quality of service for the sixth year in a row.

The highlighted strong points remain the same: skills, expertise and quality of deliverables. We notice a significant improvement in our excellence rating for certain criteria, including "conduct of Sofrecom personnel" (up 9 points to 87%) and "quality of services" (up 3 points to 76%).

These excellent results prove also that our strategic orientations are good ones. We have "digitalized" our offer portfolio in order to match it to the new needs of our customers, to set ourselves apart from our competitors and to drive our growth.

We are also committed to turning our expertise into profit through clear "vertical" practices, which are important development axes: B2B, Capacity Building, CxM, Gaia, Digital Innovation, MFS, Security and Transformation.

Moreover, by strongly promoting our Market Intelligence know-how we continue to contribute to Orange Group's vital intelligence programs.
We pay particular attention to the promotion of our Change Management offer whose appeal continues to grow. We use it to assist customers in their transformation with an approach based on co-construction and which aims to encourage individual initiative, collective intelligence, motivation and adaptability.

Last year, our customers highlighted their wish for more innovation from us. We are developing and reinforcing our digital innovation offer in order to assist them in improving their operational efficiency and customer relations.