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Customer satisfaction survey 2012: the results

Customer satisfaction survey 2012: the results

Customer satisfaction is the focus of Sofrecom's commitment. Several yeas ago the Sofrecom Group adopted a continuous improvement approach which includes regular customer satisfaction polls. Customer opinions and feedback enable us to optimize our services and make our business more dynamic.

Maria LavayssiereMaria Lavayssière: Quality, Governance & Communication Manager.

Every year Sofrecom conducts a customer satisfaction survey . What are the main results for 2012?

We are delighted to confirm, for the third consecutive year, a clear improvement of our "excellence rating" on all our satisfaction indicators such as corporate image, relational quality, service quality and competence of Sofrecom staff.

In particular our customers acknowledge our efforts to take into account their remarks and expectations expressed in previous surveys.

Last year our customers said they would like to better understand our range of expertise and our core business. We reacted by changing our brand identity, with a new logo and a new baseline "The Know-How Network", a more affirmed brand territory and a market positioning more clearly identifiable in the telecoms consulting and engineering market. This renewed dynamism, perceived very positively by our customers, is clearly visible in our new website.

In parallel, we have simplified our portfolio of offers which is now structured into our four main areas of expertise: Prospective, Consulting, Networks, and IT Solutions.

Our clients perceive that, as part of our increased customer focus, we now monitor their needs better and seek closer contact. This confirms that our improvement plans of recent years are making us more attentive to our customers and, more generally, enhancing our quality of service.

Finally, our customers massively underscore our flexibility and agility on international projects and our ability to rapidly mobilize specific expertise required anywhere in the world, which indisputably gives us a differentiating advantage over our competitors.
Of course, there is always room for further improvement: our customers would like us to be even more proactive and come forward with proposals that anticipate future challenges.

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How will we react to the survey results?

We will be trying harder to anticipate customers' future needs and thereby fulfill our role as a consultant.

We will maintain our efforts to work more closely with customers and to enhance our quality of service.
As we have promised, in the autumn of 2013 we will release more information about our simplified portfolio of offers and publicize our main projects in order to clarify our expertise and experience.

We are perceived as a leading telecoms consulting and engineering company, reliable and highly expert. We shall be defending this image of which we are proud and which is a source of great satisfaction for everyone in the company!

What is Sofrecom's quality approach?

Sofrecom is certified by recognized international certification bodies.
We are certified ISO 9001 for all our activities and CMMI 2 for software engineering in France, Morocco and Vietnam.

These exacting certifications focus on the operational aspects of our business. By ensuring that we respect our commitments, they help guarantee a customer experience that lives up to expectations.

In November 2011, Sofrecom Argentina (which was already ISO 9001 certified) joined the very exclusive club of only 230 enterprise worldwide which have earned the highest level of accreditation, CMMI 5.

We aim to capitalize on Sofrecom Argentina's experience to further improve our quality of service. We started in December by launching a CMMI 3 certification project with a target date of December 2013. This managerial project involving the Quality Department and all our IT people will be a real challenge.

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